Attract and retain employees •

Today’s labour market is as competitive as it has ever been. In order to attract the best talent into your company it is not enough to build a strong brand in relation to your products or services. You need to communicate your values and culture to the potential employees.

Improve productivity •

In an increasingly competitive environment, productivity and maximum use of available resources are paramount. Some talents fail to stand out due to an organisational culture that lacks flexibility, understanding and support in the various stages of an employee’s life.

Working for a company that offers the right work-life balance leads to higher productivity of employees, increases their motivation, lowers absence leave rates and leads to a better reputation of the company.

Stronger corporate brand •

We help you build a successful employer branding by ensuring real employee satisfaction. Being a successful and desirable employer means nurturing a safe, healthy and satisfying workplace with family responsible policies and gender equality.

MAMFORCE© method •

MAMFORCE COMPANY© is a recognized sign of quality which confirms an employer’s competences in implementing corporate family responsibility and ensuring gender equality. These companies introduce a number of responsible policies and employee benefits in order to facilitate integration of private and professional life and ensure equal career opportunities regardless of parenting and gender. MAMFORCE companies have satisfied and motivated employees, and achieve better business results by efficiently managing their talent pools.

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